Vera grew up in Ireland where her father was the Master of a pack of harriers. She and her younger sisters helped care for the hounds and followed them cross country during hunting season. Today Vera is a staunch animal welfare advocate and is anti-hunting. However, she is still as passionate as ever about the hound breeds, especially harriers, foxhounds, coonhounds, and beagles. Seven years ago she adopted Bella, an adorable American foxhound who was rescued by an animal shelter in Virginia.  It’s a sad fact that hunting dogs are often abandoned by hunters when the hunting season ends.  While Bella no longer hunts with a pack she does enjoy long hikes in the country with her family. 

Vera has devoted more than 30 years as a freelance writer covering pets and animal welfare. She has won awards from both the American Dog Writers Association and the Cat Writes’ Association Inc. She’s gained invaluable hands-on experience in animal care while volunteering at shelters, sanctuaries, and rescues and also working professionally as a pet sitter and dog walker. Vera brings her skills as a reporter to this blog that will focus primarily on sharing a happy and healthy life with foxhounds, harriers, coonhounds, and beagles but will also include articles on other scent hounds.